Patient Testimonials

Just a small note to thank you for the adjustments you so generously provided me as I trained for the competition. I truly believed it helped improve my alignment, my sore spots and my attitude. I'll never forget the lightness, clarity and joy I felt that final morning before the championships. Thank you for opening my eyes and I look forward to maintaining a healthy spine, with your help.—Charlotte Hayes

Dr. Josh has guided me to no more back pain freeing me of stiffness and giving me more flexibility and relaxation.—Joe Kershaw

Chiropractic has given me more flexibility in my mind body and soul. It has also showed me a new way at looking and perceiving the world allowing me to let go of the things I cannot change.—Sharon Weissmann

Chiropractic has done a great deal to enhance my life. Physically, I have never felt better. I have more energy, no body aches or pains, and sleep more deeply. The adjustments from Dr. Josh continue to help my body to grow stronger. The most significant change in me since I have been getting adjusted is the greater connection to me and my inner voice.—Anonymous

After years of suffering from heart palpitations and being told by various doctors there was nothing to do but to learn to live with it, I was introduced to Dr. Josh who walked me through the process of adjustment. Since being adjusted by Dr. Josh I could finally sleep on my side!!! May not seem like much, believe me, after years of being stuck in one position being able to turn over and not get palps in the middle of the night was like being in heaven!! After a few months, they were virtually gone! Meeting Dr. Josh was without a doubt an answer to prayer.—Ed B.

The experience has changed my life. I believe that chiropractic with Dr. Siegel has been a new beginning. I am feeling better, eating better, I am exercising more frequently and feel a total sense of wellness. I no longer take nexium and am drug free. My posture has improved and my stomach issues have become more manageable. Dr. Siegel has given me the ability to believe I can be healthy. I also take probiotics and try to eat gluten free foods. I have now given my family the gift of chiropractic we all are involved in the experience. I believe my body has been given a gift thanks to Dr. Siegel.—Don Whearty

Receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Josh has given my wife and I a peaceful nights sleep with no snoring. An issue I have struggled with for many years.—Allan Weissman

I am a 30 year old woman who has never received chiropractic treatment until now. Since seeing Dr. Josh, I've noticed many positive changes in my health. I walked in to the office with severe anxiety and it has diminished significantly. I'm driving again and my breathing has become more full and clear. My menstrual cramps are now gone; I used to require at least two aspirin on the first day. My eyes are crystal clear. My neck used to be extremely still and feel crooked, but now I no longer have pain or crookedness after my adjustments. My sensitivity to heat, light and alcohol have decreased an immense amount and I no longer feel as dizzy as I used to on a daily basis. I've been out of work for a year due to my condition and since being adjusted I have had the courage to schedule my first job interview. My family life and relationship has suffered greatly because of my ill health and has now started to improve tremendously. After only nine adjustments, I can see that I am becoming a new and improved person, and that most importantly my body is beginning to heal itself without medicine/drugs which was all I've ever been prescribed by doctors in the past two years. I finally found an answer to my physical and mental issues through natural and holistic approach. I plan on sticking with chiropractic care for the rest of my life to eliminate daily stresses in my body. Thank you so much Dr. Siegel, you have helped me get back to me!—Christin Psomiades

How do you thank someone for alleviating pain you have had for 38 years? How do you thank someone for making you feel more spiritual and happy? How do you thank someone for making you feel great physically and mentally? Dr. Josh has done all of these things for me in a matter of months. I have never met such a positive person in my life. He truly wants to help people. His joy of living is contagious. What has impressed me about Dr. Josh is the way he teaches you that you are the healer of your own body. What a fabulous concept! No pill, no medicine - just a readjustment and a meaningful chat. Again, thank you for easing my physical pain but most of all thank you for surrounding me with a positive light.—Anonymous

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