The Chiropractic adjustment restores balance, decreases pain, enhances cellular function, and renews energy flow. The result is a deep release of tension, improved health and a greater ability to respond to life with fluidity and grace. Ultimately, the hands-on, gentle adjustment frees you to be more connected to your true inner- self.

Chiropractic Techniques and Approaches

A properly aligned spine and clear nerve system allows for a greater life expression. We work with the nervous system to clear the body's nervous system's movements. This allows you to live a thriving and healthier life.

A wide variety of adjustment techniques WHICH INCLUDE: Upper Cervical, BGI, Network Spinal, Cranial sacral, SOT, Diversified, Extremity Adjusting, Activator, etc. are offered to ensure each client's needs are satisfied.

Why We Aim To Achieve Vitality

Vitality is defined as the power of giving continuance of life.  At the Cafe of Life our goal is to guide you to continue your life in the healthiest way possible.

The nervous system is the control center of the body.  It is what brings life to every cell, organ, tissue, and gland of your body.  When your nervous system is open and free from interference, you can express optimal vitality.  When you have balance in your life, you express health.  When your body's ability to integrate chemical, physical, or emotional stress is exceeded, your body stores the stress in your nervous system.  The overabundance of stress interferes with the natural flow of well-being.The gentle Chiropractic adjustment helps release interference from your nervous system allowing for clear communication between your brain and the rest of your body.  When communication is flowing freely, your body is able to truly heal and function the way it was designed to.  When your system is free from interference, the body can heal and function the way that it was designed to; expressing divine vitality!

Imagine the core potential you have stored in your body just waiting to be expressed! At Cafe of Life, our approach to health and wellness will give you the innate ability to reach your potential.


Meet Dr. Josh Siegel


Dr. Joshua Siegel has a love of life that overflows onto every person he encounters.  His life's mission is to inspire and guide people to fulfill their own extraordinary lives.

Dr. Josh was called to the chiropractic field at a young age when his life was radically transformed   through the power of an adjustment.  As a child, he suffered for many years with severe allergies and asthma.  The severity of his condition forced him to be absent from school frequently.  In addition, he often had to stay inside while his friends ran around outside and participated in sports and recreational activities.  After it became apparent that allergy shots would not improve his health, he turned away from weekly shots and turned to the care of a chiropractor.  Young Dr. Josh saw immediate improvements in his wellbeing and over a short period of time, under regular chiropractic care, all of his previous symptoms and conditions had vanished. He decided that he too wanted to help heal people through the natural way of chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Josh received his chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. His years at Life University gave him a deeper understanding, respect and passion for serving as a vitalistic chiropractor.  He continues to build his extensive knowledge in the chiropractic field by attending regular seminars and staying connected to new and emerging breakthrough research.

Dr Seigal with childrenDr. Josh loves doing mission work around the world. He recently joined a team of 20 chiropractors who spent time in Brazil serving over 40,000 people in one week. To help spread awareness of the power of a chiropractic adjustment, He reaches as many people as possible through his adjusting techniques with MLS seminars held throughout the year.

Dr. Josh's mission is to touch as many lives as he can through his healing hands and to spread his passion to live a life filled with love and light throughout his community. His purpose is to help all individuals to heal, promote wellness and to help guide his clients to create a balance of health and well-being.